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Dashboard Examples

Dashboards are essential tools for transforming your data into business value. But there’s no single approach that works best for every organization. We've gathered top-performing examples of dashboards across specific industries and job roles. Click through to explore real, interactive dashboards and get inspired to create best-in-class dashboards of your own. Explore good dashboard examples based on key performance indicators relevant to your specific role.

Reporting Directly Inside of Excel or from your ERP & Legacy System.

Environmental Monitoring by Drones

3D drone mapping Dashboard with surveying progress inspection DATA analysis over visual and wide range of dynamic filtrations accurate & fast.

Accident Analysis

This interactive platform provides a comprehensive analysis of recent accidents, aiming to identify patterns, causes, and potential preventive measures.

Injury Analysis

Detailed examination of injuries resulting from various incidents. Gain valuable insights into injury patterns, severity levels, and demographic details.

Stock Ageing

Access real-time stock ageing insights for data-driven inventory decisions. Utilize visualizations to optimize your inventory management strategies effectively.

Action Performance

Centralized hub for analyzing strategic actions' effectiveness. Utilize insightful metrics and visualizations to evaluate your organization's performance.

BCO Import Dashboard

Optimize import operations with data-driven decisions, enhancing supply chain efficiency. Explore visualizations for actionable strategies and improved import efficiency.


Identify violations and enhance compliance with data-driven actions. Explore visualizations for a comprehensive understanding of underlying factors.

EBS Historical Data

Optimize business strategies with data-driven decisions. Explore visualizations to understand historical patterns and your enterprise's evolution effectively.

Throughput Dashboard

Drive efficiency and productivity with data-driven decisions. Explore visualizations for actionable insights, enhancing throughput across your operations.

Dashboard Demo Videos

See how to explore information and quickly gain insights.
  • Combine data from all your sources
  • Dig into visualizations and dashboards
  • Get AI-generated insights

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